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12006A core curriculum for RTTs (radiation therapists/radiotherapy radiographers) designed for developing countries under the auspices of the international atomic energy agency (IAEA)Coffey, Mary ; Engel-Hills, Penelope ; El-Gantiry, Mahmoud ; Benjaafar, Noureddine ; Wilkinson, Kate ; Vikram, Bhadrasain 
22014Dose reference level for barium enemas at state hospitals in the Western Cape South AfricaNabasenja, Caroline ; Davidson, Florence ; Kotze, Tobie ; Engel-Hills, Penelope 
32019Ethics "Upfront" Generating an organizational framework for a New University of TechnologyEngel-Hills, Penelope ; Winberg, Christine ; Rip, A. 
42006An evaluation study of the perceptions of oncology staff on the problems and solutions in care of children undergoing radiotherapy.Mucheusi, Longino ; Engel-Hills, Penelope 
52018Fractional anisotropy of white matter, disability and blood iron parameters in multiple sclerosisHerbert, Estelle ; Engel-Hills, Penelope ; Hattingh, Coenraad ; Fouche, Jean-Paul ; Kidd, Martin ; Lochner, Christine ; Kotze, Maritha J ; Van Rensburg, Susan Janse 
62006Higher education and workWinberg, Chris ; Engel-Hills, Penelope ; Garraway, James ; Jacobs, Cecilia ; Volbrecht, Terry 
72016‘I take engineering with me': epistemological transitions across an engineering curriculumWinberg, Christine ; Winberg, Simon ; Jacobs, Cecilia ; Garraway, James ; Engel-Hills, Penelope 
82019The Mmogo-Method: application, experiences, and lessons learnt in researching Radiography students’ experiences and coping with death and dyingVan de Venter, Riaan ; Engel-Hills, Penelope ; Stroud, Louise 
92013A pain survey to support role development for Radiation Therapists in GhanaKyei, KA ; Engel-Hills, Penelope 
102018Persistence, Resilience and Mathematics in Engineering Transfer CapitalWinberg, Simon L. ; Winberg, Christine ; Engel-Hills, Penelope 
112020The potential of a simulated workplace environment for emergency remote teachingHudson, Lizel ; Engel-Hills, Penelope ; Winberg, Christine 
122005Radiation protection in medical imagingEngel-Hills, Penelope 
132009Radiation therapist research in Africa: overcoming the barriers to reap the rewardsEngel-Hills, Penelope 
142014Radiographers’ knowledge, attitude and challenges on pain managementKyei, KA ; Antwi, W. K ; Opoku, S. Y ; Hemans, S ; Anim-Sampong, S ; Engel-Hills, Penelope 

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Engel-Hills, Penelope
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