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12014Assessment of the impact of hereditary factors on biochemical parameters of cardiovascular risk in relation to moderate alcohol consumptionKotze, Maritha J. ; Marnewick, Jeanine L ; Kidd, M ; Fisher, L. R ; Van Velden, D. P 
22013Association of an iron-related TMPRSS6 genetic variant c.2207 C>T (rs855791) with functional iron deficiency and its effect on multiple sclerosis risk in the South African populationMoremi, K ; Van Rensburg, S. J ; Fisher, Leslie R. ; Davis, W ; Cronje, Frans J. ; Dashti, Jalali Sefid M ; Gamieldien, Junaid ; Geiger, D ; Rensburg, M ; Van Toorn, R. ; De Klerk, M.J. ; Hon, Gloudina Mary ; Matsha, Tandi Edith ; Hassan, Mogamat Shafick ; Erasmus, Rajiv Timothy ; Kidd, M ; Kotze, Maritha J. 
32021The cost impact of unselective vs selective MammaPrint testing in early-stage breast cancer in Southern AfricaMyburgh, Ettienne J. ; De Jager, Josephus J. ; Murray, Elizabeth ; Grant, Kathleen A. ; Kotze, Maritha J. ; De Klerk, Hermanus 
42012Development and implementation of the MammaPrint┬« Algorithm (MPA) to reduce chemotherapy overtreatment in South African patients with early stage breast cancerGrant, KA ; Apffelstaedt, J.P ; Wright, C ; Myburgh, E ; Pienaar, R ; De Klerk, M ; Kotze, Maritha J. 
52014The fat mass and obesity-associated FTO rs9939609 polymorphism is associated with elevated homocysteine levels in patients with multiple sclerosis screened for vascular risk factorsDavis, Wiliam ; Van Rensburg, Susan J. ; Cronje, Frans J. ; Whati, Lindiwe ; Fisher, Leslie R. ; Van der Merwe, Lize ; Geiger, Dieter ; Hassan, M. Shafick ; Matsha, Tandi Edith ; Erasmus, Rajiv Timothy ; Kotze, Maritha J. 
62018Fractional anisotropy of white matter, disability and blood iron parameters in multiple sclerosisHerbert, Estelle ; Engel-Hills, Penelope ; Hattingh, Coenraad ; Fouche, Jean-Paul ; Kidd, Martin ; Lochner, Christine ; Kotze, Maritha J. ; Van Rensburg, Susan Janse 
72021Pathology-supported genetic testing as a method for disability prevention in multiple sclerosis (MS). Part I. Targeting a metabolic model rather than autoimmunityVan Rensburg, Susan J. ; Van Toorn, Ronald ; Erasmus, Rajiv Timothy ; Hattingh, Coenraad ; Johannes, Clint ; Moremi, Kelebogile E. ; Kemp, Merlisa C. ; Engel-Hills, Penelope ; Kotze, Maritha J. 
82021Pathology-supported genetic testing as a method for disability prevention in multiple sclerosis (MS). Part II. Insights from two MS casesVan Rensburg, Susan J. ; Hattingh, Coenraad ; Johannes, Clint ; Moremi, Kelebogile E. ; Peeters, Armand V. ; Van Heerden, Carel J. ; Erasmus, Rajiv T ; Zemlin, Annalise E. ; Kemp, Merlisa C. ; Jaftha, Mariaan ; Khine, Aye Aye ; Potocnik, Felix C.V. ; Whati, Lindiwe ; Engel-Hills, Penelope ; Van Toorn, Ronald ; Kotze, Maritha J. 
92021Pioneering brca1/2 point-of-care testing for integration of germline and tumor genetics in breast cancer risk management: a vision for the future of translational pharmacogenomicsMampunye, Lwando ; Van der Merwe, Nerina C. ; Grant, Kathleen A. ; Peeters, Armand V. ; Torrorey-Sawe, Rispah ; French, David J. ; Moremi, Kelebogile E. ; Kidd, Martin ; Van Eeden, Petrus C. ; Pienaar, Fredrieka M. ; Kotze, Maritha J. 
102021Towards ai-enabled multimodal diagnostics and management of covid-19 and comorbidities in resource-limited settingsDaramola, Olawande ; Nyasulu, Peter ; Mashamba-Thompson, Tivani ; Moser, Thomas ; Broomhead, Sean ; Hamid, Ameera ; Naidoo, Jaishree ; Whati, Lindiwe ; Kotze, Maritha J. ; Stroetmann, Karl ; Osamor, Victor Chukwudi 

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Kotze, Maritha J.
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