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12015Between college and work in the Further Education and Training College sectorGarraway, James ; Bronkhorst, Joseph ; Wickham, Sharman 
22020Change laboratories between university and work in emergency medical careGarraway, James ; Christopher, Lloyd 
32021The Change Laboratory as an approach to harnessing conversation for academic developmentGarraway, James ; Cupido, Xena ; Dippenaar, Hanlie ; Mntuyedwa, Vuyokazi ; Ndlovu, Ngizimisele ; Pinto, Anthea ; Van Graan, Janet Purcell 
42017Collaborative research in contexts of inequality: the role of social reflexivityLeibowitz, Brenda ; Bozalek, Vivienne ; Farmer, Jean ; Garraway, James ; Herman, Nicoline ; Jawitz, Jeff 
52019A cultural historical activity theory (CHAT) analysis of prehospital emergency medical care clinical mentorship to enable learningLiebenberg, N. ; Christopher, L. ; Garraway, James 
62006Higher education and workWinberg, Chris ; Engel-Hills, Penelope ; Garraway, James ; Jacobs, Cecilia ; Volbrecht, Terry 
72016‘I take engineering with me': epistemological transitions across an engineering curriculumWinberg, Christine ; Winberg, Simon ; Jacobs, Cecilia ; Garraway, James ; Engel-Hills, Penelope 
82019Reimagining futures of universities of technologyGarraway, James ; Winberg, Christine 

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Garraway, James
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