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12017Building knowledge and knowers in writing retreats: towards developing the field of Higher Education teaching and learningWinberg, Christine ; Jacobs, C ; Wolff, Karin Elizabeth 
22019Ethics "Upfront" Generating an organizational framework for a New University of TechnologyEngel-Hills, Penelope ; Winberg, Christine ; Rip, A. 
32016‘I take engineering with me': epistemological transitions across an engineering curriculumWinberg, Christine ; Winberg, Simon ; Jacobs, Cecilia ; Garraway, James ; Engel-Hills, Penelope 
42018In search of graduate attributes: a survey of six flagship programmesWinberg, Christine ; Bester, M. ; Scholtz, Desireé ; Monnapula-Mapesela, Mabokang ; Ronald, N. ; Snyman, J. ; Staak, Anthony ; Sabata, S. ; Sebolao, R. ; Makua, M. ; Machika, P. 
52019Learning to teach STEM disciplines in higher education: a critical review of the literatureWinberg, Christine ; Adendorff, Hanelie ; Bozalek, Vivienne ; Conana, Honjiswa ; Pallitt, Nicola ; Wolff, Karin Elizabeth ; Olsson, Thomas ; Roxå, Torgny 
62018Persistence, Resilience and Mathematics in Engineering Transfer CapitalWinberg, Simon L. ; Winberg, Christine ; Engel-Hills, Penelope 
72011Postgraduate students’ experiences in interdisciplinary research studiesWinberg, Christine ; Barnes, Veronica ; Ncube, K ; Tshinu, S 
82020The potential of a simulated workplace environment for emergency remote teachingHudson, Lizel ; Engel-Hills, Penelope ; Winberg, Christine 
92021Practical subjects in the vocational curriculum: a critical review of the literatureWinberg, Christine ; Hollis-Turner, Shairn 
102019Reimagining futures of universities of technologyGarraway, James ; Winberg, Christine 

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Winberg, Christine
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