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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12020Architecture-centric evaluation of blockchain-based smart contract e-voting for national electionsDaramola, Olawande ; Thebus, Darren 
22019Big data stream analysis: a systematic literature reviewKolajo, Taiwo ; Daramola, Olawande ; Adebiyi, Ayodele 
32021A decision-making approach for ranking tertiary institutions’ service quality using fuzzy MCDM and extended HiEdQUAL modelOladipupo, Olufunke ; Amoo, Taiwo ; Daramola, Olawande 
42021Experimental analysis of hyperparameters for deep learning-based churn prediction in the Banking sectorDomingos, Edvaldo ; Ojeme, Blessing ; Daramola, Olawande 
52020A framework for pre-processing of social media feeds based on integrated local knowledge baseKolajo, Taiwo ; Daramola, Olawande ; Adebiyi, Ayodele ; Seth, Aaditeshwar 
62020The informal sector and economic growth of South Africa and Nigeria: A comparative systematic reviewEtim, Ernest S. ; Daramola, Olawande 
72021Lessons from Postgraduate supervision in two African Universities: an autoethnographic accountDaramola, Olawande 
82018QoS-based ranking and selection of SaaS applications using heterogeneous similarity metricsDaramola, Olawande 
92018Towards a Multimodal Portal Framework in Support of Informal Sector BusinessesDaramola, Olawande 
102018Towards an extended misuse case framework for elicitation of cloud dependability requirementsDaramola, Olawande ; Odusote, Babafemi ; Adigun, Matthew 
112020Towards explainable direct marketing in the telecom industry through Hybrid machine learningPetersen, Russel ; Daramola, Olawande 
122018A voice-based e-examination framework for visually impaired students in open and distance learningDaramola, Olawande 

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Daramola, Olawande
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