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12018Biological activities of Heteropyxis natalensis against micro-organisms involved in oral infectionsHenley-Smith, Cynthia J. ; Botha, Francien S. ; Hussein, Ahmed A ; Nkomo, Mpumelelo M ; Meyer, Debra ; Lall, Namrita 
22022Characterization and toxicity of hypoxoside capped silver nanoparticlesBadeggi, Umar Muhammad ; Omoruyi, Sylvester I. ; Ismail, Enas ; Africa, Charlene W.J. ; Botha, Subelia S. ; Hussein, Ahmed A 
32017Characterization of Acanthosicyos horridus and Citrullus lanatus seed oils: Two melon seed oils from Namibia used in food and cosmetics applicationsCheikhyoussef, Natascha ; Kandawa-Schulz, Martha ; Böck, Ronnie ; De Koning, Charles ; Cheikhyoussef, Ahmad ; Hussein, Ahmed A 
42018Characterization of Schinziophyton rautanenii (Manketti) nut oil from Namibia rich in conjugated fatty acids and tocopherolCheikhyoussef, Natascha ; Kandawa-Schulz, Martha ; Böck, Ronnie ; De Koning, Charles ; Cheikhyoussef, Ahmad ; Hussein, Ahmed A 
52019Cytotoxic and cell cycle arrest properties of two steroidal alkaloids isolated from Holarrhena floribunda (G. Don) T. Durand & Schinz leavesBadmus, Jelili A. ; Ekpo, Okobi E. ; Hussein, Ahmed A ; Meyer, M. ; Hiss, DC 
62020Glucose-uptake activity and cytotoxicity of diterpenes and triterpenes isolated from lamiaceae plant speciesEtsassala, Ninon Geornest Eudes Ronauld ; Ndjoubi, Kadidiatou O. ; Mbira, Thilly J. ; Pearce, Brendon ; Pearce, Keenau ; Iwuoha, Emmanuel I. ; Hussein, Ahmed A ; Benjeddou, Mongi 
72020Green synthesis of gold nanoparticles capped with procyanidins from leucosidea sericea as potential antidiabetic and antioxidant agentsBadeggi, Umar Muhammad ; Ismail, Enas ; Adeloye, Adewale O. ; Botha, Subelia S. ; Badmus, Jelili A. ; Marnewick, Jeanine L ; Cupido Christopher N ; Hussein, Ahmed A 
82019The In Vitro immunomodulatory effects of gold nanoparticles synthesized from Hypoxis hemerocallidea aqueous extract and hypoxoside on macrophage and natural killer cellsElbagory, Abdulrahman M. ; Hussein, Ahmed A ; Meyer, Mervin 
92017Inhibition of bacteria associated with wound infection by Biocompatible Green Synthesized Gold Nanoparticles from South African Plant ExtractsElbagory, Abdulrahman M ; Meyer, Mervin ; Cupido, Christopher N ; Hussein, Ahmed A 
102019Investigation of In-Vitro antioxidant and electrochemical activities of isolated compounds from Salvia chamelaeagnea P.J.Bergius extractEtsassala, Ninon Geornest Eudes Ronauld ; Adeloye, Adewale O. ; El-Halawany, Ali ; Hussein, Ahmed A ; Iwuoha, Emmanuel I. 
112022Iron(III) and copper(II) complexes derived from the flavonoids morin and quercetin: Chelation, crystal structure and DFT studiesTanui, Hillary K. ; Nkabyo, Henry A. ; Pearce, Brendan H. ; Hussein, Ahmed A ; Lopis, Anton S. ; Luckay, Robert C. 
122020Leptospermum petersonii as a potential natural food preservativeAfolabi, Wasiu Olalekan ; Hussein, Ahmed A ; Shode, Francis Oluwole ; Le Roes-Hill, Marilize ; Rautenbach, Fanie 
132020Neuroprotective activities of boophone haemanthoides (amaryllidaceae) extract and its chemical constituentsIbrakaw, Abobaker Saleh ; Omoruyi, Sylvester I. ; Ekpo, Okobi E. ; Hussein, Ahmed A 
142018Physicochemical characterization, fatty acid and Tocopherol content of Moringa ovalifolia (African Moringa) oil from NamibiaCheikhyoussef, Natascha ; Kandawa-Schulz, Martha ; Böck, Ronnie ; De Koning, Charles ; Cheikhyoussef, Ahmad ; Muhammad, Umar Badeggi ; Hussein, Ahmed A 
152019Phytochemical profiling, antioxidant and anticancer activities of Gastrocotyle hispida growing in Saudi ArabiaShahat, Abdelaaty A. ; Hidayathulla, Syed ; Khan, Azmat A. ; Alanazi, Amer M. ; Al Meanazel, Osaid T. ; Alqahtani, Ali S. ; Alsaid, Mansour S. ; Hussein, Ahmed A 
162017Polyhydroxy sterols isolated from the Red Sea Soft Coral Lobophytum crassum and their Cytotoxic ActivityAboutabl, Elsayed A. ; Selim, Nabil M. ; Azzam, Shadia M. ; Michel, Camilia G. ; Hegazy, Mohamed F. ; Ali, Abdelhamid M. ; Hussein, Ahmed A 
172021Potential application of some Lamiaceae species in the management of Diabetes.Etsassala, Ninon Geornest Eudes Ronauld ; Hussein, Ahmed A ; Nchu, Felix 

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