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12022Cytotoxic activities of selected plants of the family Amaryllidaceae on brain tumour cell linesOmoruyi, Sylvester I. ; Kangwa, Tusekile S. ; Ibrakaw, Abobaker Saleh ; Cupido, Christopher Nelson ; Marnewick, Jeanine L ; Ekpo, Okobi Eko ; Hussein, Ahmed A. 
22020Neuroprotective activities of boophone haemanthoides (amaryllidaceae) extract and its chemical constituentsIbrakaw, Abobaker Saleh ; Omoruyi, Sylvester I. ; Ekpo, Okobi E. ; Hussein, Ahmed A 
32021Neuroprotective activities of Crossyne flava bulbs and Amaryllidaceae alkaloids: Implications for Parkinson’s diseaseOmoruyi, Sylvester I. ; Ibrakaw, Abobaker Saleh ; Ekpo, Okobi Eko ; Boatwright, James S. ; Cupido, Christopher Nelson ; Hussein, Ahmed A. 
42021Triterpenes and other minor chemical constituents of Boophone haemanthoides F.M. Leight (Amaryllidaceae)Ibrakaw, Abobaker Saleh ; Boatwright, James S. ; Lesch, T. ; Cupido, Christopher Nelson ; Hussein, Ahmed A. 

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Ibrakaw, Abobaker Saleh
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