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12002Accelerated decline in running performance in a master runner with a history of a large volume of training and racingLambert, Mike I. ; Bryer, Lise ; Hampson, David B. ; Nobbs, Les ; Rapolthy, Andrea M. ; Taliep, Mogammad Sharhidd ; Viljoen, L. Wayne 
22021The effects of a four weeks combined resistance training programme on cricket bowling velocityMaker, R. ; Taliep, Mogammad Sharhidd 
32008Event-related potentials, reaction time, and response selection of skilled and less-skilled cricket batsmenTaliep, Mogammad Sharhidd ; Gibson, Alan St Clair ; Gray, Janine ; van der Merwe, L. ; Vaughan, C. L. ; Noakes, Timothy David ; Kellaway, L. A. ; John, L. R. 
42023The progressive use of visual cues in skilled adolescent cricket battersTaliep, Mogammad Sharhidd ; Mhlonngo, Njabulo ; Draper, Catherine E. ; Rust, Ruan ; Gray, Janine 
52023The role of mentorship in the professional progression of elite youth cricketers in South AfricaEkron, Christopher Lanval ; Knott, Brendon ; Taliep, Mogammad Sharhidd 

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Taliep, Mogammad Sharhidd
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