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12018A comparison of economy and sagittal plane trunk movements among back-, back/front- and headloadingHudson, Sean ; Cooke, Carlton Brian ; Davies, S.E.H. ; West, Sacha Jane ; Gamieldien, Raeeq ; Low, Chris ; Lloyd, Ray 
21-Jan-2013Effect of different antiretroviral drug regimens on body fat distribution of HIV-infected South African womenGoedecke, Julia H. ; Micklesfield, Lisa K. ; Lambert, Estelle Victoria ; Levitt, Naomi Sharlene ; West, Sacha Jane ; Maartens, Gary ; Dave, Joel Alex Lex 
32019The efficacy of rooibos Aspalathus linearis as an ergogenic aid during exerciseDavies, S.E.H. ; Marnewick, Jeanine L ; West, Sacha Jane ; Taliep, Mogammad Sharhidd ; Rautenbach, Fanie ; Gamieldien, Raeeq 
42021Robotic locomotor training leads to cardiovascular changes in individuals with incomplete spinal cord injury over a 24-week rehabilitation period: a randomized controlled pilot studyEvans, Robert W. ; Shackleton, Claire L. ; West, Sacha Jane ; Derman, Wayne ; Rauch, H.G. Laurie ; Baalbergen, Ed ; Albertus, Yumna 
52019Rooibos Aspalathus linearis – can it reduce the incidence and severity of acute mountain sickness? A case study of Aconcagua (6962 m) climbing expedition, ArgentinaDavies, S.E.H. ; Marnewick, Jeanine L. ; West, Sacha Jane 

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West, Sacha Jane
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