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Title: Event-related potentials, reaction time, and response selection of skilled and less-skilled cricket batsmen
Authors: Taliep, Mogammad Sharhidd 
Gibson, Alan St Clair 
Gray, Janine 
van der Merwe, L. 
Vaughan, C. L. 
Noakes, Timothy David 
Kellaway, L. A. 
John, L. R. 
Keywords: Cricket -- Batting;Perceptual-motor processes;Visual perception;Eye-hand coordination;Reaction time
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Pion
Source: Taliep, M.S; Gibson, A. St Clair; Gray, J; van der Merwe, L.; Vaughan, C.L.; Noakes, T.D; Kellaway,L.A & John, L.R. 2008. Event-related potentials, reaction time, and response selection of skilled and less-skilled cricket batsmen. Perception 37(1): 96-105. []
Journal: Perception 
Abstract: The differences in P300 latency, P300 amplitude, response selection, and reaction time between skilled and less-skilled cricket batsmen have been investigated. Eight skilled and ten less skilled right-handed batsmen each viewed 100 in-swing, 100 out-swing, and 40 slower deliveries displayed in random sequence from projected video footage whilst their responses and electroencephalograms were recorded. Logistic regression was used to derive a discriminative function for the P300 data. This was done to determine whether the skilled batsmen differed from the less-skilled batsmen on the basis of pooled P300 amplitude and latency data. All the batsmen were correctly characterised as being skilled or less-skilled. Logistic regression equations with reaction time and correctness of response data indicated that behavioural data do not correctly classify skilled performance. It is suggested that skilled cricket batsmen have a superior perceptual decisionmaking ability compared with less-skilled cricket batsmen, as measured by P300 latency and amplitude. This appears to be the first study showing a link between skill and cerebral cortical activity during a perceptual cricket batting
ISSN: 0301-0066
1468-4233 (e-)
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