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120203-Chloro-4-hydroxyphenylacetic acid co-crystals with nicotinamide, isonicotinamide, phenazine and 4,40-bipyridine: An investigation of synthon motifsTchibouanga, Remi Rolland Ngoma ; Jacobs, Ayesha 
22021Antimycobacterial, cytotoxic, and antioxidant activities of Abietane Diterpenoids isolated from Plectranthus madagascariensisNdjoubi, Kadidiatou O. ; Sharma, Rajan ; Badmus, Jelili A. ; Jacobs, Ayesha ; Jordaan, Audrey ; Marnewick, Jeanine L ; Warner, Digby F. ; Hussein, Ahmed A. 
32015Co-crystals and co-crystal hydrates of vanillic acidJacobs, Ayesha ; Amombo Noa, Francoise M. 
42019Functional characteristics of Bambara groundnut starch-catechin complex formed using cyclodextrins as initiatorsGulu, Nontobeko B. ; Jideani, Victoria A ; Jacobs, Ayesha 
52010Inclusion compounds of hydroxynaphthoic acids: co-crystal vs. salt formationJacobs, Ayesha ; Nassimbeni, Luigi R. ; Ramon, Gaëlle ; Sebogisi, Baganetsi K. 
62021Multicomponent crystals of p -coumaric acid and trans -ferulic acid: structures and physicochemical propertiesKamanda, Sosthene Nyomba ; Jacobs, Ayesha 
72020Organic salts of p-coumaric acid and trans-ferulic acid with aminopicolinesKamanda, Sosthene Nyomba ; Jacobs, Ayesha 
82017Phenylacetic acid co-crystals with acridine, caffeine, isonicotinamide and nicotinamide: Crystal structures, thermal analysis, FTIR spectroscopy and Hirshfeld surface analysisAmombo Noa, Francoise M. ; Jacobs, Ayesha 
92014Quininium Malates: Partial Chiral Discrimination via Diastereomeric Salt FormationBáthori, Nikoletta B ; Jacobs, Ayesha ; Nassimbeni, Luigi R. ; Sebogisi, Baganetsi K. 

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Jacobs, Ayesha
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