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12021Classification and characterisation of smallholder farmers in South Africa: a brief reviewCarelsen, C.P.R ; Ncube, Bongani ; Fanadzo, Morris 
22022Control of mould spoilage on apples using yeasts as biological control agentsGomomo, Zukisani ; Fanadzo, Morris ; Mewa-Ngongang, Maxwell ; Hoff, Justin W. ; Van der Rijst, Marieta ; Okudoh, Vincent Ifeanyi ; Kriel, Johan ; Du Plessis, Heinrich Wilbur 
32014Early planting and hand sorting effectively controls seed-borne fungi in farm-retained bean seedDube, Ernest ; Sibiya, Julia ; Fanadzo, Morris 
42021Effects of Clonostachys rosea f. catenula Inoculum on the composting of cabbage wastes and the endophytic activities of the composted material on tomatoes and red Spider Mite infestationNtsobi, Nomfusi ; Fanadzo, Morris ; Le Roes-Hill, Marilize ; Nchu, Felix 
52020Irrigation wheat production constraints and opportunities in South AfricaDube, Ernest ; Tsilo, Toi J. ; Sosibo, Nondumiso Z. ; Fanadzo, Morris 
62012Revitalisation of smallholder irrigation schemes for poverty alleviation and household food security in South Africa : a reviewFanadzo, Morris 
72021Smallholder farmer coping and adaptation strategies during the 2015-18 drought in the Western Cape, South AfricaFanadzo, Morris ; Ncube, Bongani ; French, A. ; Belete, A. 
82022Water footprint of table grape production systems: a review of South African and global studiesSigadla, A. ; Avenant, E. ; Fanadzo, Morris ; Kangueehi, G.N. ; Avenant, J.H. 
92012Winter cover crops and fertiliser effects on the weed seed bank in a low-input maize-based conservation agriculture systemDube, Ernest ; Chiduza, C. ; Muchaonyerwa, P. ; Fanadzo, Morris ; Mthoko, T. S. 

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Fanadzo, Morris
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