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12020Challenges of accessing water for agricultural use in the Breede-Gouritz Catchment Management Agency, South AfricaSadiki, Awelani ; Ncube, Bongani 
22021Classification and characterisation of smallholder farmers in South Africa: a brief reviewCarelsen, C.P.R ; Ncube, Bongani ; Fanadzo, Morris 
32020Developing a farmer information package: a success storyNcube, Bongani 
42020Management impact and benefit of cover crops on soil quality: a reviewAdewole, Tomiwa Adetunji ; Ncube, Bongani ; Mulidzi, Reckson A. ; Lewu, Francis B. 
52020Soil β-glucosidase activity, organic carbon and nutrients in plant tissue in response to cover crop species and management practicesAdetunji, Adewole Tomiwa ; Ncube, Bongani ; Meyer, Andre H ; Mulidzi, Reckson A. ; Lewu, Francis B. 

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Ncube, Bongani
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