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Title: Architecture-centric evaluation of blockchain-based smart contract e-voting for national elections
Authors: Daramola, Olawande 
Thebus, Darren 
Keywords: Blockchain;smart contracts;electronic voting;Architecture Trade-o Analysis Method (ATAM);requirements engineering;software architecture
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: MDPI
Source: Daramola, O. & Thebus, D. 2020. Architecture-centric evaluation of blockchain-based smart contract e-voting for national elections. Informatics. 7(2): 1-22. []
Journal: Informatics 
Abstract: E-voting is one of the valid use cases of blockchain technology with many blockchain e-voting systems already proposed. But e orts that focus on critical analysis of blockchain e-voting architectures for national elections from stakeholders’ perspectives are mostly lacking in the literature. Therefore, government decision-makers and election stakeholders do not yet have a su cient basis to understand the potential risks, challenges, and prospects that are associated with blockchain e-voting. This paper demonstrates how the use of the Architecture Trade-o Analysis Method (ATAM) can enable stakeholders in national elections to understand the risks, prospects, and challenges that could be associated with a blockchain e-voting system for national elections. By using a study context of South Africa, a proposed blockchain e-voting architecture was used as a basis to aid election stakeholders to reason on the concept of blockchain e-voting to get them to understand the potential risks, security threats, critical requirements attributes, and weaknesses that could be associated with using blockchain e-voting for national elections. The study found that blockchain e-voting can prevent many security attacks, internal vote manipulation, and promote transparency. However, voter validation and the security of the blockchain architecture are potential weaknesses that will need significant attention.
ISSN: 2227-9709
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