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12020Assessing workplace-based learningScholtz, Desireé 
22018In search of graduate attributes: a survey of six flagship programmesWinberg, Christine ; Bester, M. ; Scholtz, Desireé ; Monnapula-Mapesela, Mabokang ; Ronald, N. ; Snyman, J. ; Staak, Anthony ; Sabata, S. ; Sebolao, R. ; Makua, M. ; Machika, P. 
32016Mapping our way to coherence, alignment and responsivenessBester, M. ; Scholtz, Desireé 
42018Project-based learning: Panacea for change or old wine in new bottles?Scholtz, Desireé ; Bester, M 
52019Qualifications development for an unknown futureScholtz, Desireé 
62018Service learning: An empowerment agenda for students and community entrepreneursScholtz, Desireé 
72012Using the National Benchmark Tests in Engineering diplomas: revisiting generic academic literacyScholtz, Desireé 

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Scholtz, Desireé
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