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12010A rapid HPLC method for the extraction and quantification of vitamin B12 in dairy products and cultures of propionibacterium freudenreichiiVan Wyk, J ; Britz, Trevor J 
22009Physical properties of Tylosemia esculentum and the effect of roasting on the functional properties of its flourJideani, Victoria A ; Van Wyk, J ; Cruywagen, MH 
32011Optimisation of vitamin B12 and folate production by Propionibacterium freudenreichii strains in kefirVan Wyk, J ; Witthuhn, Corli R ; Britz, Trevor J 
45-Aug-2012Model for the design and implementation of training programmes to effectively prepare food technologists for the world of work: A holistic approachVan Wyk, J 
52012Introduction to extraction in food processingLloyd, Philip JD ; Van Wyk, J 
62014HPLC analysis of vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12 and vitamin C in various food matricesVan Wyk, J ; Dolley, L ; Mshicileli, N 
72016The development of alcoholic fermented beverages utilizing plums with the application of innovative beverage fermentation technologyWilliams, G ; Van Wyk, J ; Hansmann, C 
85-Aug-2012Designing and implementing a training programme at CPUT to effectively prepare food technologists for the world of work: A holistic approachVan Wyk, J 
92013Characterisation of commercial and natural Torulaspora delbrueckii wine yeast strainsVan Breda, VM ; Jolly, N ; Van Wyk, J 
1016-Sep-2012Antioxidant effect of Maillard reaction products in a lipid-rich model systemVan Wyk, J ; Vhangani, Lusani Norah 
115-Aug-2012Antioxidant activity of sugar-amino Maillard reaction products (MRPs) as a function of reactant type, temperature, time and molecular weight fractionVhangani, Lusani Norah ; Van Wyk, J 
1230-Nov-2012Antioxidant activity of maillard reaction products (MRPS) derived from fructose-lysine and ribose-lysine model systemsVhangani, LV ; Van Wyk, J 

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Van Wyk, J
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