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12019Comparing fuzzy rule-based and fractional open circuit voltage MPPT techniques in a fuel cell stackLuta, Doudou N. ; Raji, Atanda K. 
22021A conceptual study of a liquid metal alloy in a disk-shaped magnetohydrodynamics conversion systemAyeleso, Ayokunle O. ; Raji, Atanda K. 
32019Controllable and flexible energy production in a water-based photovoltaic/thermal systemMoussavou, A. A. Aminou ; Raji, Atanda K. ; Adonis, M. 
42019Electricity theft mitigation in the Nigerian power sectorShokoya, N.O. ; Raji, Atanda K. 
52021An enhanced solar hybrid Brayton and Rankine cycles with integrated magnetohydrodynamic conversion system for electrical power generationAyeleso, Ayokunle Oluwaseun ; Raji, Atanda K. 
62022Firefly algorithm-based optimization of the additional energy yield of bifacial PV modulesFajuke, Ibukun Damilola ; Raji, Atanda K. 
72019Fuzzy rule-based and particle swarm optimisation MPPT techniques for a fuel cell stackLuta, Doudou N. ; Raji, Atanda K. 
82021A grid-tied fuel cell multilevel inverter with low harmonic distortionsBen Hamad, Khlid ; Luta, Doudou N. ; Raji, Atanda K. 
92015Investigation of common-mode voltage and ground leakage current of grid-connected transformerless PV inverter topologyRaji, Atanda K. ; Kahn, MTE 
102022IoTivity cloud-enabled platform for energy management applicationsMandza, Yann Stephen ; Raji, Atanda K. 
112015Plasma energy conversion system for electric power generationAyeleso, Ademola Olabode ; Khan, MTE ; Raji, Atanda K. 
122021Strategic modulation of thermal to electrical energy ratio produced from PV/T moduleMoussavou, Anges A. Aminou ; Raji, Atanda K. ; Adonis, Marco Leroy 
132021Voltage control in future electrical distribution networksMurray, William ; Adonis, Marco Leroy ; Raji, Atanda K. 

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Raji, Atanda K.
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