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Title: Strategic modulation of thermal to electrical energy ratio produced from PV/T module
Authors: Moussavou, Anges A. Aminou 
Raji, Atanda K. 
Adonis, Marco Leroy 
Keywords: Cell efficiency;photovoltaic systems;solar photovoltaic-thermal (PV/T) system;modelling and simulation;power production
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Czech Technical University in Prague
Source: Moussavou, A.A.A., Raji, A.K. & Adonis, M. 2021. Strategic modulation of thermal to electrical energy ratio produced from PV/T module. Acta Polytechnica, 61(2): 313-323. []
Journal: Acta Polytechnica 
Abstract: Several strategies have been developed to enhance the performance of a solar photovoltaicthermal (PV/T) system in buildings. However, these systems are limited by the cost, complex structure and power consumed by the pump. This paper proposes an optimisation method conversion strategy that modulates the ratio of thermal to electrical energy from the photovoltaic (PV) cell, to increase the PV/T system’s performance. The design and modelling of a PV cell was developed in MATLAB/Simulink to validate the heat transfer occurring in the PV cell model, which converts the radiation (solar) into heat and electricity. A linear regression equation curve was used to define the ratio of thermal to electrical energy technique, and the behavioural patterns of various types of power (thermal and electrical) as a function of extrinsic cell resistance (Rse). The simulation results show an effective balance of the thermal and electrical power when adjusting the Rse. The strategy to modulate the ratio of thermal to electrical energy from the PV cell may optimise the PV/T system’s performance. A change of Rse might be an effective method of controlling the amount of thermal and electrical energy from the PV cell to support the PV/T system temporally, based on the energy need. The optimisation technique of the PV/T system using the PV cell is particularly useful for households since they require electricity, heating, and cooling. Applying this technique demonstrates the ability of the PV/T system to balance the energy ( thermal and electrical) produced based on the weather conditions and the user’s energy demands.
ISSN: 1210-2709
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