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12021Acylation of Anisole with Benzoyl Chloride over rapidly synthesized fly ash–based HBEA zeoliteAmeh, Alechine E. ; Musyoka, Nicholas M. ; Oyekola, Oluwaseun ; Louis, Benoit ; Petrik, Leslie Felicia 
22010Application of coal fly ash to circumneutral mine waters for the removal of sulphates as gypsum and ettringiteMadzivire, Godfrey ; Petrik, Leslie Felicia ; Gitari, Wilson M ; Ojumu, Tunde Victor ; Balfour, Gillian 
32020Fly ash-based geopolymer building materials for green and sustainable developmentKalombe, Rosicky Methode ; Ojumu, Tunde Victor ; Eze, Chuks Paul ; Nyale, Sammy Mwasaha ; Kevern, John ; Petrik, Leslie Felicia 
42021Isolation and characterization of nanocrystalline cellulose from cocoa pod husk (CPH) biomass wastesAkinjokun, Adebola Iyabode ; Petrik, Leslie Felicia ; Ogunfowokan, Aderemi Okunola ; Ajao, John ; Ojumu, Tunde Victor 
52020Treatment of acid mine drainage with coal fly ash in a jet loop reactor pilot plantKalombe, Rosicky Methode ; Ojumu, Tunde Victor ; Katambwe, Vinny Ndjate ; Nzadi, Michael ; Bent, Denzil ; Nieuwouldt, George ; Madzivire, Godfrey ; Kevern, John ; Petrik, Leslie Felicia 

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Petrik, Leslie Felicia
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