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12010Application of coal fly ash to circumneutral mine waters for the removal of sulphates as gypsum and ettringiteMadzivire, Godfrey ; Petrik, Leslie Felicia ; Gitari, Wilson M ; Ojumu, Tunde Victor ; Balfour, Gillian 
22020Applications of nonconventional green extraction technologies in process industries: challenges, limitations and perspectiveFomo, Gertrude ; Madzimbamuto, Tafirenyika Nyamayaro ; Ojumu, Tunde Victor 
32019Development of a novel mesoporous biocatalyst derived from Kola nut pod husk for conversion of Kariya seed oil to methyl esters: A case of synthesis, modeling and optimization studiesBetiku, Eriola ; Okeleye, Adebisi A. ; Ishola, Niyi B. ; Osunleke, Ajiboye S. ; Ojumu, Tunde Victor 
42021Editorial: plant seed oils and their potential for Biofuel productionTumba, Kaniki ; Durrett, Timothy P. ; Niju, Subramaniapillai ; Ojumu, Tunde Victor ; Tango, Martin Safari ; Betiku, Eriola 
52020Exclusion of estrogenic and androgenic steroid hormones from municipal membrane bioreactor wastewater using UF/NF/RO membranes for water reuse applicationAziz, Mujahid ; Ojumu, Tunde Victor 
62020Fly ash-based geopolymer building materials for green and sustainable developmentKalombe, Rosicky Methode ; Ojumu, Tunde Victor ; Eze, Chuks Paul ; Nyale, Sammy Mwasaha ; Kevern, John ; Petrik, Leslie Felicia 
72019Improving biodegradation of benzo(Ghi)perylene in soil: Effects of bacterial co-culture, agrowaste and biosurfactant supplementationAmodu, Olusola Solomon ; Ntwampe, Seteno Karabo Obed ; Ojumu, Tunde Victor 
82021Isolation and characterization of nanocrystalline cellulose from cocoa pod husk (CPH) biomass wastesAkinjokun, Adebola Iyabode ; Petrik, Leslie Felicia ; Ogunfowokan, Aderemi Okunola ; Ajao, John ; Ojumu, Tunde Victor 
92021Kinetics, thermodynamics, and mechanism of cu(ii) ion sorption by Biogenic iron precipitate: using the lens of wastewater treatment to diagnose a typical biohydrometallurgical problemOladipo, Babatunde ; Govender-Opitz, Elaine ; Ojumu, Tunde Victor 
102018Optimization of corn steep liquor dosage and other fermentation parameters for ethanol production by Saccharomyces cerevisiae Type 1 and anchor instant yeastTaiwo, Abiola Ezekiel ; Madzimbamuto, Tafirenyika Nyamayaro ; Ojumu, Tunde Victor 
112020Pawpaw (Carica papaya) peel waste as a novel green heterogeneous catalyst for moringa oil methyl esters synthesis: process optimization and kinetic studyOladipo, Babatunde ; Ojumu, Tunde Victor ; Latinwo, Lekan M. ; Betiku, Eriola 
122012Potential applications of zeolite membranes in reaction coupling separation processesDaramola, Michael Olawale ; Aransiola, Elizabeth Funmilayo ; Ojumu, Tunde Victor 
1323-Nov-2013A review of current technology for biodiesel production: State of the artAransiola, Elizabeth Funmilayo ; Ojumu, Tunde Victor ; Oyekola, Oluwaseun ; Madzimbamuto, Tafirenyika Nyamayaro 
142020Sustainable biodiesel synthesis from honne-rubber-neem oil blend with a novel mesoporous base catalyst synthesized from a mixture of three agrowastesFalowo, Olayomi A. ; Ojumu, Tunde Victor ; Pereao, Omoniyi ; Betiku, Eriola 
152020Treatment of acid mine drainage with coal fly ash in a jet loop reactor pilot plantKalombe, Rosicky Methode ; Ojumu, Tunde Victor ; Katambwe, Vinny Ndjate ; Nzadi, Michael ; Bent, Denzil ; Nieuwouldt, George ; Madzivire, Godfrey ; Kevern, John ; Petrik, Leslie Felicia 

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Ojumu, Tunde Victor
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