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12017Kinetic modelling and optimisation of antimicrobial compound production by candida pyralidae KU736785 for control of candida guilliermondiiMewa-Ngongang, Maxwell ; Du Plessis, HW ; Hutchinson, UF ; Mekuto, Lukhanyo ; Ntwampe, Seteno Karabo Obed 
22018Fungistatic and fungicidal properties of Candida pyralidae Y1117, Pichia kluyveri Y1125 and Pichia kluyveri Y1164 on the biocontrol of Botrytis cinereaMewa-Ngongang, Maxwell ; Du Plessis, HW ; Ntwampe, Seteno Karabo Obed ; Chidi, Boredi Silas ; Hutchinson, UF ; Mekuto, Lukhanyo ; Jolly, NP 
32018Cell immobilization by Gel Entrapment in Ca-alginate Beads for Balsamic-styled Vinegar ProductionHutchinson, UF ; Ntwampe, Seteno Karabo Obed ; Mewa-Ngongang, Maxwell ; Du Plessis, HW ; Chidi, Boredi Silas ; Saulse, C.K.L.N ; Jolly, NP 
42017Biopreservatives from yeasts with antimicrobial activity against common food, agricultural produce and beverage spoilage organismsNgongang, Maxwell Mewa ; Ntwampe, Seteno Karabo Obed ; Du Plessis, HW ; Jolly, NP ; Mekuto, Lukhanyo 

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du Plessis, HW
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