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12018Advancing border thinking through defamiliarisation in uncovering the darker side of coloniality and modernity in South African higher educationWaghid, Zayd ; Hibbert, Liesel 
22021Assessing cognitive, social and teaching presences during emergency remote teaching at a South African universityWaghid, Zayd ; Meda, Lawrence ; Chiroma, Jane Adhiambo 
32018Cultivating a notion of cosmopolitan education of relevance to Africa: Reflecting on a MOOC on teaching for changeWaghid, Yusef ; Waghid, Faiq ; Waghid, Zayd 
4Jun-2018Decolonising Preservice Teachers’ Colonialist Thoughts in Higher Education Through Defamiliarisation as a PedagogyWaghid, Zayd ; Hibbert, Liesel 
52021Examining emergency remote teaching using the community of inquiry framework: Lecturer experiences in a Kenyan UniversityChiroma, Jane Adhiambo ; Meda, Lawrence ; Waghid, Zayd 
62022Examining information and communication technology use in public primary schools in South Africa from the capability approachMahlo, Lebohang ; Waghid, Zayd 
712-Aug-2019Examining the business education curricula in South Africa : towards integrating social entrepreneurshipWaghid, Zayd 
82019The fourth industrial revolution reconsidered: on advancing cosmopolitan educationWaghid, Yusef ; Waghid, Zayd ; Waghid, Faiq 
9Aug-2017Implementing a constructivist blended learning approach in a third-year entrepreneurship education classWaghid, Zayd 
102019The need for South African (higher) education institutions to be attuned to education 4.0Waghid, Zayd 

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Waghid, Zayd
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