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12018Distribution efficiency of E-services in the health insurance Sector : The case of BotswanaJaiyeoba, Olumide Olasimbo ; Chimbise, Totwana Tito ; Makanyeza, Charles ; Iwu, Chux Gervase 
22021Entrepreneurship education, curriculum and lecturer-competency as antecedents of student entrepreneurial intentionIwu, Chux Gervase ; Opute, Abdullah Promise ; Nchu, Rylyne Mande ; Eresia-Eke, Chuks ; Tengeh, Robertson Khan ; Jaiyeoba, Olumide Olasimbo ; Aliyu, Olayemi Abdullateef 
32020Examining the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction in the public service. The case of BotswanaMosimanegape, Phetogo ; Jaiyeoba, Olumide Olasimbo ; Iwu, Chux Gervase ; Chekula-Mahama, Cheneso 
42018Sectoral variations in market orientation and performance among small service firms in BotswanaJaiyeoba, Olumide Olasimbo ; Iwu, Chux Gervase ; Marandu, Edward 

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Jaiyeoba, Olumide Olasimbo
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