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12021The academic journey of entrepreneurship students in higher education institutions. The Systems Theory ApproachSibanda, Lucky ; Iwu, Chux Gervase 
22015Academic success factors: implications for teaching, learning and academic administrationSibanda, Lucky ; Iwu, Chux Gervase ; Benedict, Olumide Henrie 
32019Administering postgraduate education for success: the necessity for postgraduate orientationIwu, Chux Gervase ; Musikavanhu, Tichaona Buzy ; Nkandu, Hector ; Dassah, Maurice 
42021African immigrant entrepreneurship in the UK: the hidden hand of family influence on entrepreneurial orientationOpute, Abdullah Promise ; Iwu, Chux Gervase ; Khosa, Risimati Maurice ; Eresia-Eke, Chukuakadibia ; Hagos, Sirak Berhe ; Irene, Bridget Obiageli 
52020Business students’ perceptions of an aging workforce, higher retirement age and youth unemploymentRahat, Rahat ; Aliyu, Olayemi Abdullateef ; Iwu, Chux Gervase 
62015Conflict resolution: understanding concepts and issues in conflict prevention, management and transformationAdams, Adeola ; Iwu, Chux Gervase 
72018The constraints of being a female entrepreneur in AKwa Ibom North East Senatorial District, NigeriaEtim, Ernest, S ; Iwu, Chux Gervase 
82018A critical look at the necessity of small businesses in Nigeria: A theoretical reviewEze, Ikenna ; Ruhode, Ephias ; Iwu, Chux Gervase 
92018Distribution efficiency of E-services in the health insurance Sector : The case of BotswanaJaiyeoba, Olumide Olasimbo ; Chimbise, Totwana Tito ; Makanyeza, Charles ; Iwu, Chux Gervase 
102015The embeddedness of entrepreneurship education in the curricula of non-business university programmes: preliminary evidence from South African Universities of TechnologyTengeh, Robertson K. ; Iwu, Chux Gervase ; Nchu, Rylyne Mande 
112018Employment relations, service quality and professionalism within the Nigerian public serviceKappo-Abidemi, Christiana ; Iwu, Chux Gervase ; Allen-ILE, Charles 
122019Entrepreneurial orientation and performance of Small Business in Vryburg Region North West Province South AfricaOni, Olabanji ; Agbobli, Edem Korku ; Iwu, Chux Gervase 
132019Eradicating poverty and unemployment: Narratives of Survivalist EntrepreneursIwu, Chux Gervase ; Opute, Abdullah Promise 
142020Examining the relationship between service quality and customer satisfaction in the public service. The case of BotswanaMosimanegape, Phetogo ; Jaiyeoba, Olumide Olasimbo ; Iwu, Chux Gervase ; Chekula-Mahama, Cheneso 
152019Exploring the [un]likelihood of successful integration of skilled and unskilled immigrants into the hospitality industryIwu, Chux Gervase ; Bayari, Lyne Sarah Obindjah ; Jaiyeola, Afeez Olalekan 
162019Factor analysis of the constraints that female entrepreneurs face in South East of NigeriaEtim, Ernest, S ; Iwu, Chux Gervase 
172019The factors contributing to the low numbers of women entrepreneurs in KigaliNsengimana,Simon ; Iwu, Chux Gervase ; Tengeh, Robertson K. 
182013Factors inhibiting effective management of primary schools in Nigeria: the case of Ebonyi StateIwu, Chux Gervase ; Iwu, Ita Chimezie 
192020Impact of awareness and knowledge on the financial bootstrapping strategies utilized by immigrant entrepreneurs in South AfricaKum, Philemon Nji ; Tengeh, Robertson K. ; Iwu, Chux Gervase 
202020The impact of mountain gorilla tourism: A residents' perspectiveMuresherwa, Gift ; Iwu, Chux Gervase ; Amony, Imelda ; Dube, Cynthia Nokubonga 

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