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Title: Instrumental and sensory textural properties of Fura
Authors: Jideani, Victoria A 
Keywords: Fura;textural properties;sensory textural analysis;deformability;cohesiveness
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Source: Jideani, V. A . 2002. Instrumental and sensory textural properties of Fura. International Journal of Food Properties, 5(2): 367-377. []
Journal: International Journal of Food Properties 
Abstract: A uniaxial compression test and sensory textural analysis was conducted of fura samples made from millet flour. Significant differences (p < 0.05) existed among the samples for hardness (the force to compress the sample between molar teeth), cohesiveness (extent to which sample falls apart during chewing) and gumminess (denseness and cohesion persisting during mastication). Correlations between sensory and instrumental tests revealed that a significant relationship exists between modulus of deformability and cohesiveness (r ¼ 0.93, p < 0.05); gradient and springiness (r ¼ 0.90, p < 0.05); deformation at failure and chewiness (r ¼ 0.98, p < 0.05); energy per unit mass and gumminess (r ¼ 0.95, p < 0.05). A fura quality scale was established based on the peak force; soft and poor quality fura have a peak force of < 19 kN; acceptable fura has a peak force of 19724 kN; a firm and good quality fura, 24725 kN; very hard and very poor quality fura have a peak force of >25 kN.
ISSN: 1094-2912
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