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12021Cytotoxic effects of phytomediated silver and gold nanoparticles synthesised from rooibos (Aspalathus linearis), and AspalathinAkinfenwa, Akeem O. ; Abdul, Naeem Sheik ; Docrat, Fathima T. ; Marnewick, Jeanine L ; Luckay, Robbie C. ; Hussein, Ahmed A. 
22022Helichrysum genus and compound activities in the management of diabetes mellitusAkinfenwa, Akeem O. ; Sagbo, Idowu Jonas ; Makhaba, Masixole ; Mabusela, Wilfred T. ; Hussein, Ahmed A. 
32021Protective effects of linearthin and other chalcone derivatives from aspalathus linearis (rooibos) against uvb induced oxidative stress and toxicity in human skin cellsAkinfenwa, Akeem O. ; Abdul, Naeem Sheik ; Marnewick, Jeanine L ; Hussein, Ahmed A. 

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Akinfenwa, Akeem O.
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