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12021Cytotoxic effects of phytomediated silver and gold nanoparticles synthesised from rooibos (Aspalathus linearis), and AspalathinAkinfenwa, Akeem O. ; Abdul, Naeem Sheik ; Docrat, Fathima T. ; Marnewick, Jeanine L ; Luckay, Robbie C. ; Hussein, Ahmed A. 
22021Fumonisin B1 regulates LDL receptor and ABCA1 expression in an LXR dependent mechanism in liver (HepG2) cellsAbdul, Naeem Sheik ; Chuturgoon, Anil A. 
32020Fumonisin B1-induced mitochondrial toxicity and hepatoprotective potential of rooibos: An updateAbdul, Naeem Sheik ; Marnewick, Jeanine L 
42022Fumonisin B2 induces mitochondrial stress and mitophagy in human embryonic kidney (Hek293) Cells—a preliminary studyMohan, Jivanka ; Abdul, Naeem Sheik ; Nagiah, Savania ; Ghazi, Terisha ; Chuturgoon, Anil A. 
52022Green rooibos extract attenuates high glucose induced oxidative stress in a human derived (HepG2) liver cell lineAbdul, Naeem Sheik ; Marnewick, Jeanine L 
62021Protective effects of linearthin and other chalcone derivatives from aspalathus linearis (rooibos) against uvb induced oxidative stress and toxicity in human skin cellsAkinfenwa, Akeem O. ; Abdul, Naeem Sheik ; Marnewick, Jeanine L ; Hussein, Ahmed A. 
72021Rooibos, a supportive role to play during the COVID-19 pandemic?Abdul, Naeem Sheik ; Marnewick, Jeanine L 

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Abdul, Naeem Sheik
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