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12020An alternative health crop for South Africa: purple potato mini tuber production as affected by water and nutrient stressWitbooi, H. ; Kambizi, Learnmore ; Oguntibeju, O.O 
22014Antibacterial activity of the stem bark extracts of Acacia mearnsii De WildMbolekwa, B. N ; Kambizi, Learnmore ; Songca, Sandile P ; Oluwafemi, Oluwatobi S 
32011Antibacterial properties of some wild leafy vegetables of the Eastern Cape Province, South AfricaJaca, T.P. ; Kambizi, Learnmore 
42009Antimicrobial activity of Gunnera perpensa and Heteromorpha arborescens var. abyssinicaNkomo, Mpumelelo M ; Kambizi, Learnmore 
52019Chemical composition, anti-toxoplasma, cytotoxicity, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory potentials of Cola gigantea seed oilAtolani, O. ; Oguntoye, H. ; Areh, E.T. ; Adeyemi, O.S. ; Kambizi, Learnmore 
62019Chemical composition, antioxidant, anti-lipooxygenase, antimicrobial, anti-parasite and cytotoxic activities of Polyalthia longifolia seed oilAtolani, O. ; Areh, E.T. ; Oguntoye, O.S. ; Zubair, M.F. ; Fabiyi, O.A. ; Oyegoke, R.A. ; Tarigha, D.E. ; Adamu, N. ; Adeyemi, O.S. ; Kambizi, Learnmore ; Olutunji, G.A. 
72022Comparing crop yield, secondary metabolite contents, and antifungal activity of extracts of Helichrysum odoratissimum cultivated in aquaponic, hydroponic, and field systemsZantanta, Nomnqophiso ; Kambizi, Learnmore ; Etsassala, Ninon Geornest Eudes Ronauld ; Nchu, Felix 
82022Composition of phenolic compounds in South African Schinus molle L. berriesBvenura, Callistus ; Kambizi, Learnmore 
92012Cytotoxic effects and safety profiles of extracts of active medicinal plants from South AfricaMorobe I.C. ; Mthethwa, N.S. ; Bisi-Johnson, M.A. ; Vasaikar, S.D. ; Obi, C.L. ; Oyedeji, Adebola O. ; Kambizi, Learnmore ; Eloff, J.N. ; Hattori, T. 
102014Cytotoxicity of selected medicinal plants used in Mt. Frere District, South AfricaMnengi, Dorris ; Kappo, Abidemi ; Kambizi, Learnmore ; Nakin, Motebang 
112021Edibility of Trachyandra ciliata (l.f.) kunth- an underutilized vegetable from South African Western Cape coast: a reviewNgxabi, S. ; Jimoh, M.O. ; Kambizi, Learnmore ; Laubscher, Charles P 
122022Effect of rooting media and IBA treatment on rooting response of South African dune spinach (Tetragonia decumbens): an underutilized edible halophyteSogonia, A. ; Jimoh, Muhali Olaide ; Laubscher, Charles Petrus ; Kambizi, Learnmore 
132019Effects of arbuscular mycorrhiza and irrigation frequencies on nutrient uptake and growth parameters of Pelargonium reniforme CurtisIngarfield, P. ; Laubscher, Charles P ; Kambizi, Learnmore 
142009Effects of pre-chilling and temperature on seed germination of Corchorus olitorius L. (Tiliaceae) (Jew’s Mallow), a wild leafy vegetableNkomo, Mpumelelo M ; Kambizi, Learnmore 
152021Elemental composition and proximate analysis of five commonly used African medicinal plantsQuadri, A. L. ; Njinga, N.S. ; Kola-Mustapha, A.T. ; Amusa, T.O. ; Atolani, O. ; Oladiji, A.T. ; Bakare-Odunola, M.T. ; Kambizi, Learnmore 
162021Embracing herbal medicine through collaboration among traditional healers, biomedical health practitioners and research institutes: a reviewXego, Sibusiso ; Kambizi, Learnmore ; Nchu, Felix 
172017An ethnobotanical survey of plants used traditionally to treat tuberculosis in the eastern region of O.R. Tambo district, South AfricaMadikizela, Balungile ; Kambizi, Learnmore ; McGaw, Lyndy 
182021Growth characteristics, phytochemical contents, and antioxidant capacity of Trachyandra ciliata (L.f) Kunth grown in hydroponics under varying degrees of salinityNgxabi, Sihle ; Jimoh, Muhali Olaide ; Kambizi, Learnmore ; Laubscher, Charles Petrus 
192021The impact of salt stress on plant growth, mineral composition, and antioxidant activity in Tetragonia decumbens mill.: an underutilized edible halophyte in South AfricaSogoni, Avela ; Jimoh, Muhali Olaide ; Kambizi, Learnmore ; Laubscher, Charles Petrus 
202022Pigmented potatoes: a potential Panacea for food and nutrition security and health?Bvenura, Callistus ; Witbooi, Hildegard ; Kambizi, Learnmore 

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