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12019Enhanced biogas production from winery solid waste through application of iron oxide nanoparticlesOssinga, Carrelle G. ; Chowdhury, Mahabubur R. ; Okudoh, Vincent Ifeanyi 
22015A novel b-FeOOH/NiO composite material as a potential catalyst for catalytic ozonation degradation of 4-chlorophenolOputu, Ogheneochuko ; Chowdhury, Mahabubur R. ; Nyamayaro, Kudzanai ; Cummings, Franscious ; Fester, Veruscha G ; Fatoki, Olalekan S 
32015Rapid and large-scale synthesis of Co3o4 octahedron particles with very high catalytic activity, good supercapacitance and unique magnetic propertyChowdhury, Mahabubur R. ; Oputu, Oghenochuko ; Kebede, Mesfin ; Cummings, Franscious ; Cespedes, Oscar ; Maelsand, Aliwa ; Fester, Veruscha G 

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Chowdhury, Mahabubur R.
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