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Title: One step copper oxide (CuO) thin film deposition for non-enzymatic electrochemical glucose detection
Authors: Inyang, Adijat 
Kibambo, Gloria 
Palmer, Maghmood 
Cummings, Franscious 
Masikini, Milua 
Sunday, Christopher 
Chowdhury, Mahabubur 
Keywords: Thin film;copper oxide;glucose sensor;non-enzymatic;solution deposition
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Elsevier
Source: Inyang, A., Kibambo, G., Palmer, M. et. al. 2020. One step copper oxide (CuO) thin film deposition for non-enzymatic electrochemical glucose detection. Thin Solid Films. 709: 1-9. []
Journal: Thin Solid Films 
Abstract: CuO nanoparticle functionalized thin film electrode has been fabricated on fluorine doped tin oxide coated conductive glass using an efficient facile solution deposition technique for non-enzymatic electrochemical detection of glucose. The CuO nanoparticulate thin film exhibited an excellent electrochemical response towards glucose oxidation, high sensitivity of 1207 μA mM−1 cm−2, a linear range of up to 2,2 mM, and fast response of less than 4 s at a potential of 0,55 V vs Ag/AgCl with a limit of detection calculated to be 1,19 μM (at a signal-tonoise ratio (S/N) of 3). The prepared sensor exhibited exceptional selectivity to multiple interference species, satisfactory reproducibility and excellent chemical stability. The performance demonstrated makes the electrode material promising for the development of effective non-enzymatic glucose sensor.
ISSN: 0040-6090
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