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12021Application of a chitosan bimetallic nanocomposite for the simultaneous removal of cadmium, nickel, and lead from aqueous solutionVan der Horst, Charlton ; Silwana, Bongiwe ; Makombe, Martin ; Iwuoha, Emmanuel ; Somerset, Vernon 
22022Nanoparticles application in the determination of Uric acid, Ascorbic acid, and DopamineVan der Horst, Charlton ; Somerset, Vernon 
32020Simultaneous detection of paracetamol, ascorbic acid, and caffeine using a bismuth–silver nanosensorVan der Horst, Charlton ; Silwana, Bongiwe ; Gil, Eric ; Iwuoha, Emmanuel ; Somerset, Vernon Sydwill 

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Van der Horst, Charlton
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