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12021A camera trap appraisal of species richness and community composition of medium and large mammals in a Miombo woodland reserveReece, Sally J. ; Radloff, Frans GT ; Leslie, Alison J. ; Amin, Rajan ; Tambling, Craig J. 
22022The effects of fire frequency on vegetation structure and mammal assemblages in a savannah-woodland systemNieman, Willem A. ; Van Wilgen, Brian W. ; Radloff, Frans GT ; Tambling, Craig J. ; Leslie, Alison J. 
32019A framework to measure the wildness of managed large vertebrate populationsChild, Matthew F. ; Selier, S. A. Jeanetta ; Radloff, Frans GT ; Taylor, W. Andrew ; Hoffmann, Michael ; Nel, Lizanne ; Power, R. John ; Birss, Coral ; Okes, Nicola C. ; Peel, Michael J. ; Mallon, David ; Davies-Mostert, Harriet 
42020Lion (Panthera leo) demographics in the south-western Kgalagadi Transfrontier ParkFerreira, Sam M. ; Beukes, B. Otto ; Haas, Tim C. ; Radloff, Frans GT 
52021Medium and large mammal conservation in the City of Cape Town: factors influencing species richness in urban nature reservesSchnetler, Andrea K. ; Radloff, Frans GT ; O'Riain, M. Justin 
62022A review of the responses of medium- to largesized African mammals to fireNieman, Willem A. ; Van Wilgen, Brian W. ; Radloff, Frans GT ; Leslie, Alison J. 
72020Spatial and seasonal variation in lion (Panthera leo) diet in the southwestern Kgalagadi Transfrontier ParkBeukes, Maya ; Radloff, Frans GT ; Ferreira, Sam M. 

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Radloff, Frans GT
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