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1Dec-2005Successful E-Commerce: The Importance of Brand ManagementOnojaefe, Darlington ; Bytheway, Andy. J ; Erwin, Geoff 
22006The e-community forums of the Western CapeInusa, D ; Bytheway, Andy. J 
32013The dynamics of offering ICT training to pre‐service and in‐service teachers in a South African contextDumas, Chris ; Cox, Sanet ; Bytheway, Andy. J ; Van Zyl, Izak ; Bladergroen, Moira ; Chigona, Wallace 
42006Community informatics research and practice: a discussion of the status quo and the use of grounded theoryMitrovic, Z ; Bytheway, Andy. J 
52006Branding essentials in the South African petroleum industryOnojaefe, D ; Bytheway, Andy. J 
6Jan-2010Brand management in a transforming economy: An examination of the South African petroleum industryOnojaefe, Darlington P ; Bytheway, Andy. J 

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Bytheway, Andy. J
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