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12011Uses, benefits and challenges of public access points in the face of growth of mobile technologyChigona, Wallace ; Lekwane, Ofentse ; Westcott, Kim ; Chigona, Agnes 
22014South African pre-service teachers' under-preparedness to teach with Information Communication TechnologiesChigona, Agnes ; Chigona, Wallace 
32014Educators' motivation on integration of ICTs into pedagogy: case of disadvantaged areasChigona, Agnes ; Chigona, Wallace ; Davids, Zane 
42012Educator discourses on ICT in education: A critical analysisBladergroen, Moira ; Chigona, Wallace ; Bytheway, Andy J. ; Cox, Sanet ; Dumas, Chris ; Van Zyl, Izak 
52013The dynamics of offering ICT training to pre‐service and in‐service teachers in a South African contextDumas, Chris ; Cox, Sanet ; Bytheway, Andy. J ; Van Zyl, Izak ; Bladergroen, Moira ; Chigona, Wallace 

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Chigona, Wallace
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