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12019Detoxification of the Fumonisin Mycotoxins in maize: an enzymatic approachAlberts, Johanna ; Schatzmayr, Gerd ; Moll, Wulf-Dieter ; Davids, Ibtisaam ; Rheeder, John P ; Burger, Hester-Mari ; Shephard, Gordon Seymour ; Gelderblom, Wentzel 
22019The effectiveness of regulatory maximum levels for fumonisin mycotoxins in commercial and subsistence maize crops in South AfricaShephard, Gordon S. ; Burger, Hester-Mari ; Rheeder, John P. ; Alberts, Johanna F. ; Gelderblom, Wentzel C. A. 
32019Rural subsistence maize farming in South Africa: risk assessment and intervention models for reduction of exposure to Fumonisin mycotoxinsAlberts, Johanna ; Rheeder, John P ; Gelderblom, Wentzel ; Shephard, Gordon Seymour ; Burger, Hester-Mari 

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Burger, Hester-Mari
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