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Title: Kaapse Afrikaanse idiomatiese uitdrukkings as hulpmiddel vir ʼn meer inklusiewe Afrikaanse huistaalklaskamer
Authors: Basson, Earle 
Le Cordeur, Michael 
Keywords: Afrikaans;mother tongue teaching;Cape Town;Afrikaans idiomatic expressions;classroom
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Afrikaanse Letterkundevereniging (ALV)
Source: Basson, E. & Le Cordeur, M. 2018. Kaapse Afrikaanse idiomatiese uitdrukkings as hulpmiddel vir ʼn meer inklusiewe Afrikaanse huistaalklaskamer. Stilet, 30(1&2): 169-187. []
Journal: Stilet 
Abstract: This study investigates how Cape Afrikaans idiomatic expressions can be used as a tool to make the Afrikaans Home Language classroom a more inclusive space. Approximately 2.5 million learners speak Cape Afrikaans as their mother tongue, yet their linguistic repertoire still does not form part of the Afrikaans Home Language classroom. This exclusion of Cape Afrikaans linguistics alienates kallit learners from the learning process, which results in them regarding their own language as incorrect and uncivilised. Since idiomatic expressions are embedded in the lived knowledge and cultural heritage of a group, it is used as a means towards making the classroom and content more inclusive. The theoretical framework that underpins this study is the social constructivism learning approach. The research design and methodology are grounded in the principles of participatory action research. After exposure to Cape Afrikaans in a positive light, the learners regarded Cape Afrikaans as an integral part of their identity.
ISSN: 1013-4573
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