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Title: Factors affecting the stability of emulsions stabilised by biopolymers
Authors: Maphosa, Yvonne 
Jideani, Victoria A 
Keywords: Biopolymers;polysaccharides;proteins;stability;polysaccharide-protein complexes;emulsion;phase-separation
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: InTechopen
Source: Maphosa, Y. & Jideani, V. A. 2018. Factors affecting the stability of emulsions stabilised by biopolymers. In Karakuş, S. (ed). Science and Technology Behind Nanoemulsions. London, United Kingdom: IntechOpen: 65-80. []
Abstract: There has been an increase in consumer demand for healthy food products made from natural ingredients. This demand has been partly addressed by the substitution of natural alternatives to synthetic ingredients. One such example in this endeavour, is the study of the application of natural biopolymers as food emulsion stabilisers. When biopolymers such as proteins and polysaccharides or their complexes are applied as emulsion stabilisers, they exhibit diferent modes of action. These include acting as emulsiiers (polypeptides), increasing the viscosity of the medium (polysaccharides), reducing coalescence by coating individual droplets as well as acting as weighting agents (polysaccharides and polypeptides). Biopolymers can be covalently complexed using chemical, enzymatic or thermal treatments. These treatments generally increase the robustness and solubility of the inal complexes. Biopolymer complexes have been reported to show higher stability to varying temperatures, pH and ionic strength. When two incompatible biopolymers are mixed, either associative or segregative phase separation occurs. The former involves separation of oppositely charged polymers due to electrostatic repulsion and the later involves separation of similarly charged or neutral biopolymers. In this chapter, the stabilising effect, complexation, mode of action, phase behaviour and future application of biopolymers in emulsions are discussed.
ISBN: 9781789235715
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