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Title: A model for promoting postgraduate success
Authors: Engel-Hills, Penelope 
Keywords: Postgraduate student success;textual data;radiography students;CPUT;academic milestones
Issue Date: 2011
Source: Engel-Hills, P. 2011. A model for promoting postgraduate success. (In: South African Society of Medical Oncology (SASCRO/SASMO) 15th National Congress Pilansberg, 24-27 August 2011).
Conference: (SASCRO/SASMO) 15th National Congress Pilansberg, 24-27 August 2011 
Abstract: OBJECTIVES: The main objective of the study was to deepen the understanding of what promotes postgraduate student success. DESIGN & METHOD: This study is located in the qualitative research paradigm. A case study approach using participant observation was used to gather textual data. The population was radiography students registered for a master of technology degree at CPUT. The sample included 8 part-time students registered in 2010. The data was submitted to analysis through thematic coding to identify common indicators of and challenges to success. Success in this study was determined as evidence of the achievement of academic milestones. RESULTS: The indicators of success and the challenges faced by the postgraduate students in this sub-set were found to be in an academic or a social context. These contexts were found to be inter-related and inter-dependent. CONCLUSION: Postgraduate students face academic challenges and require support to enhance their academic competence. However the impact of the social environment within which they are operating should not be underestimated. Enhanced supervisor/advisory strategies focussing on academic and social independence are required to promote postgraduate student success. A model to present this conceptual thinking will be presented. Although the study was conducted in radiography it has wider relevance given the recent decision to include a research study into medical specialist programmes in South Africa.
Description: Conference Paper Abstract
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