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12022A Designed energy management system (EMS) for an off- grid residential microgridCyubahiro, Olivier Kiraga ; Giraneza, Martial ; Abo-Al-Ez, Khaled Mohamed ; Kahn, Mohammed Tariq Ekeramodien 
22021Energy growth and sustainability through smart grid approach: a case study of the Nigeria electric gridOrumwense, Efe Francis ; Ighodaro, Osarobo ; Abo-Al-Ez, Khaled Mohamed 
32021Energy management in a cloud‐based cyber‐physical systemOrumwense, Efe Francis ; Abo-Al-Ez, Khaled Mohamed 
42022Energy management system for PV, micro-hydro power with battery storage using Matlab/SimulinkMelamu, Moteane ; Orumwense, Efe Francis ; Abo-Al-Ez, Khaled Mohamed 
52020Exploiting TV white spaces for smart grid communicationsOrumwense, Efe Francis ; Abo-Al-Ez, Khaled Mohamed 
62022Genetic algorithms: tuning of parameter K for the labeling diversity problem in wireless communicationsSolwa, Shaheen ; Elmezughi, Mohamed K. ; Almaktoof, Ali Mustafa Ali ; Abo-Al-Ez, Khaled Mohamed 
72022Modelling and simulation of tidal energy generation system: a systematic literature reviewKangaji, Ladislas ; Orumwense, Efe Francis ; Abo-Al-Ez, Khaled Mohamed 
82022On increasing the energy efficiency of wireless rechargeable sensor networks for cyber-physical systemsOrumwense, Efe Francis ; Abo-Al-Ez, Khaled Mohamed 
92022Power line communication: A review on couplers and channel characterizationGiraneza, Martial ; Abo-Al-Ez, Khaled Mohamed 
102020A proposed harmonic monitoring system for large power users considering harmonic limitsSinvula, Rosalia ; Abo-Al-Ez, Khaled Mohamed ; Kahn, Mohamed Tariq 
112022Variable-speed wind turbines for grid frequency support: a systematic literature reviewBhowon, Aksher ; Abo-Al-Ez, Khaled Mohamed ; Adonis, Marco Leroy 

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Abo-Al-Ez, Khaled Mohamed
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