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12021Anaerobic co-digestion of tannery and slaughterhouse wastewater for solids reduction and resource recovery: Effect of sulfate concentration and inoculum to substrate ratioMpofu, Ashton B. ; Kibangou, Victoria A. ; Kaira, Walusungu M. ; Oyekola, Oluwaseun O. ; Welz, Pamela J. 
22021Anaerobic treatment of tannery wastewater in the context of a circular bioeconomy for developing countriesMpofu, Ashton B. ; Oyekola, Oluwaseun O. ; Welz, Pamela J. 
32019Edible seed oil waste: status quo and future perspectivesWelz, Pamela J. 
42019Heterogeneous nanomagnetic catalyst from Cupriferous mineral processing Gangue for the production of biodieselNgoie, Wighens I. ; Welz, Pamela J. ; Ikhu-Omoregbe, Daniel ; Oyekola, Oluwaseun 
52019Organic removal rates and biogas production of an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor treating sugarcane molassesNdobeni, A. ; Oyekola, Oluwaseun ; Welz, Pamela J. 
62020Qualitative assessment of Biodiesel produced from primary edible oil wastewater sludgeNgoie, Wighens I. ; Oyekola, O.O. ; Ikhu-Omoregbe, Daniel ; Welz, Pamela J. 

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Welz, Pamela J.
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