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12013Simulation of the behaviour of a copper plate material exposed to vacuum extremem ultraviolet radiationAyeleso, Ademola Olabode ; van Zyl, Robert Ryk 
22012Reverberation chamber low frequency field uniformity improvement with conducting pyramidal structuresRoman, M ; van Zyl, Robert Ryk ; Reader, H ; Andriambeloson, J 
32015Practical electromagnetic compatibility studies of a CubeSatSibanda, Matthew ; van Zyl, Robert Ryk 
42013Plasma measurement in the ionsphereAyeleso, Ademola Olabode ; van Zyl, Robert Ryk 
52014Photocurrents obtained from a triple planar probe sensor for in situ extreme ultraviolet (EUV) radiation measurements on low Earth orbiting CubeSatsAyeleso, Ayokunle Oluwaseun ; van Zyl, Robert Ryk 
62013Overview of the electromagnetic environment in the vicinity of HVDC transmission linesSibanda, Matthew ; van Zyl, Robert Ryk ; Parus, NN 
72015Modeling geomagnetically induced currents in the South African power transmission network using the finite element methodMatandirotya, Electdom ; Cilliers, Pierre J ; van Zyl, Robert Ryk 
82013Measuring and modelling of Geomagnetically Induced Currents (GICS) in power linesMatandirotya, Electdom ; Cilliers, Pierre J ; van Zyl, Robert Ryk 
92013Evaluation of a commercial-off-the-shelf fluxgate magnetometer for cube sat space magnetometryMatandirotya, Electdom ; van Zyl, Robert Ryk ; Gouws, DJ ; Saunderson, EF 
102015An empirical determination of upper operational frequency limits of transferred electron mechanism in bulk GaAs and GaN through ensemble Monte Carlo particle simulationsFrancis, S ; van Zyl, Robert Ryk ; Perold, WP 
112013Documentating and exploiting the temporal variability of land surface anisotropy for selected locations in South AfricaZhao, L ; Verstraete, MM ; de Jager, Gerhard ; van Zyl, Robert Ryk 
122013The design of an HF antena on a 1U CubeSatLehmensiek, Robert ; van Zyl, Robert Ryk ; Visser, DF 
132011Comparison of the communication time of a high gain versus a low gain monopole-like low profile antenna on a 3-unit CubeSatKhotso, Patsa A ; Lehmensiek, Robert ; van Zyl, Robert Ryk 
142011Circularly polarized circular microstrip patch antenna loaded with four shorting posts for nano satellite applicationsKhotso, P ; Lehmensiek, Robert ; van Zyl, Robert Ryk 

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van Zyl, Robert Ryk
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