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12008Sphingoid base levels in humans consuming fumonisin-contaminated maize in rural areas of the former Transkei, South Africa: a cross-sectional studyVan der Westhuizen, L ; Shephard, Gordon Seymour ; Rheeder, JP ; Somdyala, NIM ; Marasas, Walter F.O 
22005Fumonisin mycotoxins in traditional Xhosa maize beer in South Africa.Shephard, Gordon Seymour ; Van der Westhuizen, L ; Gatyeni, PM ; Somdyala, NIM ; Burger, HM ; Marasas, Walter F.O 
32007Exposure assessment for fumonisins in the former Transkei region of South AfricaShephard, Gordon Seymour ; Marasas, Walter F.O ; Burger, HM ; Somdyala, NIM ; Rheeder, JP ; Van der Westhuizen, L ; Gatyeni, P ; Van Schalkwyk, Dirk J 

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Somdyala, NIM
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