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12019Coping strategies of mothers with preterm babies admitted in a public hospital in Cape TownSih, Delphine A. ; Bimerew, Million ; Modeste, Regis Rugira Marie 
22020Impediments and reasons for poor management of children under five exposed to HIV in South AfricaButhelezi, Sibusiso F. ; Modeste, Regis Rugira Marie ; Phetlhu, Deliwe Rene 
32019Manpower capacity and reasons for staff shortage in primary health care maternity centres in Nigeria: a mixed-methods studyAluko, Joel O ; Anthea, Rhoda ; Modeste, Regis Rugira Marie 
42020Perceived occurrence of medication administration errors among nursing students at a Higher Education Institution in Western Cape, South AfricaAbusaksaka, Yousef A. ; Vember, Hilda ; Modeste, Regis Rugira Marie 
52019Return for prenatal care and childbirth services among Nigerian women using primary health care facilitiesAluko, Joel Ojo ; Modeste, Regis Rugira Marie ; Adejumo, Oluyinka ; Anthea, Rhoda 

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Modeste, Regis Rugira Marie
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