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12013Higher education in a shifting landscape: Emergence, fragmentation and convergenceGachago, Daniela ; Livingston, Candice ; Ivala, Eunice ; Khan, Sehaam ; Le Roux, S ; Hunlun, Cindy 
211-Dec-2012Exploring the notion of knowing, doing and being in the TeachingKajee, F ; Hunlun, Cindy ; Belford, Cheryl ; Wium, W ; Nchu, Felix ; Hassan, Mogamat Shafick 
35-Aug-2012Evaluation of the total polyphenol and flavanoid content of navel oranges Citrus sinensis L. Osb. grown in the Western Cape of South AfricaHunlun, Cindy ; Erasmus, LG 
45-Aug-2012Effect of heat treatment on the total plyphenol and flavanoid content of commercial orange juicesHunlun, Cindy ; Mpehle, N 
52017Characterisation of the flavonoid composition and total antioxidant capacity of juice from different citrus varieties from the Western Cape regionHunlun, Cindy ; De Beer, Dalene ; Sigge, Gunnar O ; Van Wyk, Jessy 

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