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12011Revolutionalising Engineering programmes in developing countries by incorporating a mechatronics curriculumAkuru, U.B. ; Animalu, A.O.E. ; Ekechukwu, O.V. ; Ume, I.C. ; Okoro, O.I. ; Chikuni, Edward 
22012Program-assisted sizing of a photovoltaic-powered water pumping systemChikuni, Edward 
32012Power systems and substation automationChikuni, Edward 
42013Power system, substation, automation and the smart grid, how should universities react?Chikuni, Edward ; Gonzalez-Longatt, FF ; Rashayi, Emanuel ; Okoro, OI 
52012The potential of grid connected photovoltaic arrays in ZimbabweRashayi, Emanuel ; Chikuni, Edward 
62013Online monitoring of lightning incidence and severity in rural ZimbabweKabasa, Blessing ; Rashayi, Emanuel ; Chikuni, Edward 
72013Effects of the synthesis inertia from wind power on the total system inertia after a frequency disturbanceChikuni, Edward ; Gonzalez-Longatt, FF ; Rashayi, Emanuel 

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Chikuni, Edward
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