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12007The role of the CEO in the performance of construction Information Systems (IS) : a Pilot Study : research articleBester, Andre ; Haupt, Theodore C. 
22014Quantifying quality management system performance in order to improve business performanceSmith, RA ; Bester, Andre ; Moll, CM 
32012A Lean Six Sigma approach to the improvement of the selenium analysis method analysis methodCloete, Bronwyn C ; Bester, Andre 
42015The influence of personal BMI on body size estimations and sensitivity to body size change in anorexia spectrum disordeCornelissen, Katri. K ; Bester, Andre ; Cairns, Paul ; TovĂ©e, Martin. J ; Cornelissen, Piers. L 
52017Industry 4.0 learning factory didactic design parameters for industrial engineering education in South AfricaSackey, SM ; Bester, Andre ; Adams, D 
62016Industrial engineering curriculum in industry 4.0 in a South African contextSackey, Samuel Mensah ; Bester, Andre 
72017Exploring variability among quality management system auditors when rating the severity of audit findings at a nuclear power plantSimons, RC ; Bester, Andre ; Moll, M 
82017Diffusion of a quality management system: A case studySolomon, NP ; Bester, Andre ; Moll, M 
91983Changes in cytoplasmic terminal transferase activities during chick embryo skeletal muscle developmentVan Zijl, L ; Bester, Andre ; Gevers, W ; Boyd, C 
102009Bioremediation of metal contamination in the Plankenburg River, Western Cape, South AfricaJackson, VA ; Paulse, A N ; Bester, Andre ; Neethling, J H ; Khan, S ; Khan, W 
112009Bioremediation of metal contamination in the Plankenburg River, Western Cape, South AfricaJackson, Vanessa Angela ; Paulse, A.N. ; Bester, Andre ; Neethling, J. H ; Khan, Sehaam ; Khan, W. 

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Bester, Andre
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