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12020Blending behaviourism and constructivism: a case study in support of a new definition of blended learningCronjé, Johannes C. 
22020Challenges to sustainability in the graphic design practices of a developing nationBonsu, Ginn Assibey ; Chisin, Alettia V. ; Cronjé, Johannes C. 
32010Defining mobile learning in the higher education landscapeOsman, Mohamed ; El-Hussein, M ; Cronjé, Johannes C. 
42020Designing questions for research design and design research in e-LearningCronjé, Johannes C. 
52013Exploring information and communication theory in graphic design education with activity theoryAppiah, Edward ; Cronjé, Johannes C. 
62020A framework for the development and improvement of computational thinking for high school learners using a programming language and learner management systemRothman, Wilhelm ; De la Harpe, André ; Cronjé, Johannes C. 
72017From design studies to resilient craft practice in the digital ageDi Ruvo, Monica ; Cronjé, Johannes C. 
82017Managing information in educationBytheway, Andy J. ; Cronjé, Johannes C. ; Branch, Robert Maribe 
92007Methical Jane: perspectives on an undisclosed virtual studentNagel, Lynette ; Blignaut, Seugnet ; Cronjé, Johannes C. 
102012Thumbnail sketches on idea development: the drawing board vs computer-generationAppiah, Edward ; Cronjé, Johannes C. 
112011Using Hofstede’s cultural dimensions to interpret cross-cultural blended teaching and learningCronjé, Johannes C. 

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Cronjé, Johannes C.
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