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12021An approach to optimize performance of CM3A cooperative WBAN operating in UWBKaushik, Monica ; Gupta, Sindhu Hak ; Balyan, Vipin 
22020Design and comparative analysis of compact flexible UWB antenna using different substrate materials for WBAN applicationsTiwari, Bhawna ; Gupta, Sindhu Hak ; Balyan, Vipin 
32019Digital control of temperature with the volume of Geyser and reduction in water wastageBalyan, Vipin 
42019Effect of Space radiation on LEO nanosatellitesHillier, Caleb ; Balyan, Vipin 
52020Efficient channel coding for dimmable visible light communications systemBabalola, Oluwaseyi Paul ; Balyan, Vipin 
62019Error detection and correction on-board nanosatellites using hamming codesHillier, Caleb ; Balyan, Vipin 
72021Investigation on performance of wearable flexible on‑body ultra‑wideband antenna based on denim for wireless health monitoringTiwari, Bhawna ; Gupta, Sindhu Hak ; Balyan, Vipin 
82020Machine-to-machine and cell-to-cell traffic handling using relay and carrier aggregation prioritize on LTE-A PRO networkPana, Vuyo ; Balyan, Vipin ; Groenewald, Ben 
92020QOSTBC coded MIMO system with reduced complexity and optimised decoding for rank deficient channelsGupta, Bhasker ; Balyan, Vipin ; Saini, Davinder S 
102020Resource allocation for NOMA based networks using relays: cell centre and cell edge usersBalyan, Vipin ; Daniels, Rifqah 
112019Service time-based region division in OVSF-based wireless networks with adaptive LTE-M network for machine to machine communicationsBalyan, Vipin ; Saini, Davinder S ; Gupta, Bhasker 

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Balyan, Vipin
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