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12018Competitive biosorptive removal of a basic dye from ternary dye mixture using sawdustGiwa, Abdur-Rahim Adebisi ; Abdulsalam, Khadijat Ayanpeju ; Wewers, Francois ; Aderibigbe, Deborah 
22020Deformulation of commercial linear low-density polyethylene resins by advanced fractionation and analysisSigwinta, Mawande ; Ndiripo, Anthony ; Wewers, Francois ; Pasch, Harald 
32020Equilibrium, kinetics and thermodynamics studies of Cd sorption onto a dithizone-impregnated Amberchrom CG-300m polymer resinSpies, André R.L. ; Wewers, Francois 
42020Optimization of x-ray fluorescence calibration through the introduction of synthetic standards for the determination of mineral sands oxidesBadla, Cramwell ; Wewers, Francois 
52017Spatio–Temporal Distribution of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Urban Soils in Cape Town, South AfricaOmores, Raissa Andong ; Wewers, Francois ; Ikhide, Priscilla O. ; Farrar, Thomas J ; Giwa, Abdu-rahim 

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Wewers, Francois
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