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12018Can internal control activities and managerial conduct influence business sustainability? A South African SMME perspectiveBruwer, Juan-Pierré ; Coetzee, Philna ; Meiring, Jacolize 
22021The catalysed use of fourth industrial revolution interventions in South African higher education institutions, due to covid-19, and its influence on efficacyVan Zyl, Eric ; Venter, Tenielle ; Bruwer, Juan-Pierré 
32019Do accountancy skills of management influence the attainment of key financial objectives in selected South African fast moving consumer goods Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises?Bruwer, Juan-Pierré ; Beck, Tracy ; Smith, Judith ; Naidoo, Vannie ; Green, Paul 
42019The influence of management’s accounting skills on the existence of their South African small, medium and micro enterprisesMbumbo, Ernest ; Benedict, Henrie ; Bruwer, Juan-Pierré 
52018Occupational fraud risk, Internal control initiatives and the sustainability of small, medium and micro enterprises in a Developing Country: a Literature ReviewPetersen, Ashwin ; Bruwer, Juan-Pierré ; Le Roux, Suzaan 
62019The perceived adequacy and effectiveness of internal control activities in South African small, medium and micro enterprisesBruwer, Juan-Pierré ; Coetzee, Philna ; Meiring, Jacolize 
72022The perceptions of South African Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise Management on occupational fraud risk, economic sustainability and key employee characteristics: What are the relationships?Bruwer, Juan-Pierré ; Petersen, Ashwin 
82018The Role of Basic Business Skills Development and Their Influence on South African Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise SustainabilityBruwer, Juan-Pierré ; Smith, Judith 

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Bruwer, Juan-Pierré
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